Aromatherapy Massage – Calm Your Body And Mind After Hard Work

Do you get tired and lethargic after a monotonous day of hard work? Are you suffering from some severe body or muscle pain? Then you can visit the spas and healing centers to undergo an aromatherapy massage treatment to feel relaxed in mind and reduce pain in your body. Aromatherapy massage is the therapeutic way of massaging the essential aromatic oils on your body to provide soothing sensation of mind and body.

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Ways to provide Aromatherapy massage

It is interesting to know that aromatherapy massage is usually done with the fingertips. The fingers are moved in a way that makes you feel highly relaxed and comfortable. The healing practitioners of the spas conduct such skilful massage that it relaxes you and puts you to an ecstatic sleep. You can simply revel in the wonders of the healing touch that fills your mind and body after the whole tired day.

Types of aromatherapy massage

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The aromatherapy massage is usually held in the spas to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, the different type of aromatherapy massage provides you with an array of choices to decide which aromatherapy massage is best for you.

Following are the types of aromatherapy massage available in the spas:
– Inhalation Method – direct breathing in the aromatic vapors soothes your brain.
– Bath Method – mingle the aroma recipes in your warm bathing water to provide comfort to your mind and body.
– Creams or Lotions – treat the body with aromatic recipes of creams and lotions to provide cooling sensation to both mind and body.

The aromatherapy massage performed in a slow and gentle movement usually lasts for an hour or more, depending upon your requirements.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage

Combining the aromatherapy massage with the essential oils provides synergistic effects of peace and cure to the person undergoing the massage. The aroma therapists first realize the problem of the person and then provide the special aromatherapy massage to provide maximum benefits to the person.

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The aromatherapy massage is beneficial in the following ways:
– Aromatherapy massage controls the full nervous system, calms the “fight” and “flight” responses, thereby reducing the level of harmful stress hormones in your body.
– The massage increases blood circulation, supplying maximum amount of nutrients and oxygen to the blood cells.
– The massage completely reduces stresses like hypertension, digestive problems, migraines and diseases like cold/flu.
– Aromatherapy massage use a special therapy called effleurage, which helps in increase of lymphatic flow which improves tissue problems, and enhances the functions of immune system.
– Aromatherapy massage greatly reduces acute muscular pains, and provides absolute fitness to the mind and body.

Aromatherapy massage techniques are used worldwide and have been known to provide soothing sensations and relaxations to mind, body and spirit of all.