Aromatherapy Massage Recipes For Outstanding Massage Effects

Aromatherapy massage practitioners often combine the aromatherapy massage recipes to provide outstanding massage effects. The aromas of the massage blends are so exquisite that the massage not only heals the souls or relaxes the muscle, but also cures various diseases like cold, flu and arthritis pains.

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Types of aromatherapy massage recipes to get desired results

It is specially interesting if you can prepare the massage recipes in your home. Once you complete blending and preparing a recipe of your own, you can do self-massage or take it to the spas you visit, to experience an ecstatic massage therapy of your own choice.

Following are the ways you can blend the massage oil recipes to get the desired effects:
– Aromatherapy massage recipes for neck and face massage – mingle 3 drops of rose oil, 3 drops of violet oil in 20ml natural oil and add some extra Vitamin E to get the best results.
– Aromatherapy massage recipes for bedtime massages – 3 drops of sandalwood, 2 drops of lavender in 20 ml carrier oil to provide calm of mind and reduce insomnia.
– Aromatherapy massage recipes to reduce severe backache – blend the oil recipe with 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, 1 drop of lemon oil and 2 drops of lavender oil in 20 ml carrier oil. Dip the fingertips and massage using your fingertips to reduce excessive stress and tension.

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After you mix together the massage oils and creams to create outstanding massage recipes, store them in an airtight bottle, and keep the bottle in a cool place.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage recipes

The aromatherapy massage recipes heal the mind and relax the body muscles. You can go for aromatherapy massage on every alternate day to acquire the best results. The recipes often blend aromas of various wild and essential plants, get mingled in the correct proportions and produce a wonderful effect to every soul and body. The aromatherapy massage recipes comprise of various blends that benefit all in the following way:
– Mental well being – achieve mental ecstasy with the help of following aromatherapy massage recipes:
– Happiness and Peace Enhancing Blends
– Depression Reduction and Self-Confidence Enhancement Recipes
– Memory and Concentration Blends
– Physical good health – achieve absolute relaxation of muscles and feel physically relaxed with the following blends:
– Arthritic Joints Blends
– Insomnia Blends
– Bruises blends
– Skin care and beauty treatment – this blend of aromatherapy recipes enhance your glamour and help you to achieve wonderful skin through the following massage blends:
– Facial toner
– Hair conditioner
– Shoe deodorizer

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The aromatherapy massage oil recipes are truly advantageous, for they often provide the combined effect of various blends in one massage. As a result through one massage you often receive multiple effects of both physical and mental well-being.