How To Land A Job In A Massage Therapy Clinic

Massage therapy clinics are setting up shop all over the metro. They are like mushrooms that have sprouted out of nowhere. But though one would not know where they come from, one certainly has an idea why. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing industry in the country.

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This is perhaps because of the fact that people are looking for ways to relax after a hard day’s work. This is especially true for people who live in the city where life is more fast-paced. Another reason is the continued publicity coming from celebrities. Massage therapy is becoming a fad.

Because of this, many people are looking into the massage therapy industry for jobs. Although the pay is not lucrative enough for most people, the tips can be pretty amazing especially if you already have a steady list of clients. If you are one of those people wanting to have a career in this industry, here are some ways on how to land that job.

1. Get some training

Unlike other professionals, you don’t need a degree to be able to land a job in a massage therapy clinic. Most clinics do not even require college degrees especially for starting employees. This does not mean however that you won’t make an effort to learn the job. One way that you can get a massage therapy job easily is to get some training on massages.

Remember that in the job, you will not just knead the shoulder blades and back of your clients in the directions that you want. You will also have to follow certain massage techniques. It is a plus point to know even a little of these techniques before you apply for a job.

2. Visit massage therapy clinics

One way to get to know the industry is to observe first hand what goes on inside these clinics. Visit some of them in your spare time. Look at their list of massages and if you can, observe how they do the massages. Check out the directions of their massages and the products that they use on their customers. While there, formulate any questions that you have because for sure you will have.

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You can use these observations, questions and your experience inside the massage therapy clinics during your job interview. Employers are impressed with potential employees who are interested in the job enough to make such observations.

3. Ask the massage therapists

Ask people who are already working in massage therapy clinics about their experiences. That way, you will know what to expect when you are there on the job. Ask about the hours that they put in, the tips that they get every day, their monthly salary. You can even ask for their worst experiences in the job. This will also help you decide if the massage therapy industry is the one that you want to get into.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Often, they will be more than happy to help you through their insights. You can even ask them if there are any vacancies in their clinics. If you can, leave your number with them so that they can contact you should a vacancy come up. Remember, most of these clinics will not advertise job openings. They would just rely on referrals.

How To Set Up A Massage Therapy Clinic

Massage therapy has become a really big industry in the country. As proof of this, clinics have sprouted like mushrooms at every block and there are a lot of more coming. The booming industry is both a boon and a bane for people who want to set up their own massage therapy clinics. the good news is, you have a lot of clients as massages have become a fad. On the bad side, there are already a lot of massage clinics in the block and you have to compete with them for clients. And being the new kid in the block, this may not be an easy thing.

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Before you get disheartened by this, remember that when you plan it right, any business can be a potential cash cow. Here are some tips on how to set up a massage therapy clinic that is guaranteed to make money.

1. Location

With so many massage clinics in the area, you would want a location that guarantees a lot of foot traffic. As much as possible look for places that are near major public areas like the park, schools, markets and even department stores. Being near public places will help you in terms of publicity. You are already being seen. All you actually need is a set of signboards announcing your services and of course a good display window. Another reason why it is good to place your clinic in a public area is the fact that when people walk by all the time, some of them would think of trying your services.

2. Services

Your location is just the design of your product. It is the one that you use to encourage people to get a taste of your massage therapy clinics. But what will make your business thrive and last is the service that you provide to your clients. Once they try your services and find it to their satisfaction, they will be your lifelong customers.

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One way to do this is to include a unique service that one cannot find in other massage clinics in the area. Research on some ancient massage techniques that no clinic is offering yet. Introduce the massage in the area. For sure, you will be an instant hit. People by nature would want to try something new. Make sure though that you can sustain the new service through training employees and using products that are appropriate to the massage.

3. Employees

Another way to build a successful massage therapy franchise is to hire people who can do the job for you. Of course when you are starting, you will not be able to afford people who are already experienced. Because of this, it will be up to you to train your employees. That is why it is also important that if you are setting up a massage clinic that you know a lot about the industry. You must know for yourself how to massage people. Otherwise, you must know someone who knows the massage therapy techniques. That way, he or she can be the one to train your new employees.

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4. Ambiance

Another important part of the massage therapy business is the ambiance. People go there to relax so you must also create a relaxing and comforting environment, somewhere where your clients can escape to.

Aromatherapy & Massage

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you lacked the ability to smelling. Sure, it whitethorn not seem as difficult as trying to navigate a room while blindfolded, or attempting to perform daily tasks without using your thumbs, but you would still be missing a lot. For one thing, your common sense of taste would go come out of the closet the window, too. For another, your brain is wired to interpret signals from your olfactory center to tell you what pleasures or hazards English hawthorn be lurking in your surroundings.

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In fact, you could say that much of what you know about the world, and how you relate to it, depends on your good sense of olfactory property. Olfaction is the only gumption fully developed at birth in humans, and it plays an important role in an infant’s ability to recognize and bond with his or her mother. Even the “chemistry” felt between two adults Crataegus laevigata be prompted by aroma. Scientists rich person identified substances called pheromones in human consistency olfactory property that act as chemical messengers to the brain to stimulate, among other responses or behaviors, sexual attraction to a potential mate.

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With at least 5 million odor-sensing cells lining the nasal bone passages, the nozzle seems to be well-equipped to observe smells on its own. Merely, approximately scientists speculate that, like other animals, citizenry Crataegus oxycantha also wealthy person a os nasale sensory device known as a vomeronasal organ that helps them to find these subtle fragrance molecules. There’s little doubt that certain odors tin give birth a direct impact on the way we think and feel. The odour of freshly baked bread, for example, May conjure up fond memories of home and hearth. Other scents, such as floral or spicy aromas, induce a romantic mood.

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So recognized is this impression that many European and Asian facilities ar investing in “indirect perfuming” to enhance productivity in the workplace and to promote recovery in hospitals. Continued from page 1. As Miczak points , “Having something used on you that has a aroma that you find personally pleasing tin can sometimes give a better force than essential oils indicated for rub down.” According to Miczak, the about common oils used in knead bergamot, rose, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, lilac, neroli, and sandalwood — “mostly because they non-irritating to skin and pleasing to almost multitude.” If you’re just starting buying essential oils, Kirby recommends just about of the more common oils such as , rosemary, peppermint, and ginger. Simply, choose whatever scents do the all but to relax and comfort, or energize, you. Just follow your olfactory organ. The following manufacturers supply good quality aromatherapy grade oils that toilet be found in your local health food store: Earth Harmony; Aroma Vera; Tisserand; and Aura Cacia (to name a few).

Massage Therapy For The Elderly

You’ve probably heard about how effective massage therapy for elderlies is by now, but you probably don’t know why it is considered so beneficial. Well, although massage therapy has been practiced for a long time, the general public has only recently started to open their minds and hearts to this technique in recent years. It is now known, and proven, that touch therapy and massage helps reduce stress in elderlies – someone who is given the massage and touch therapy sleeps deeper and longer.

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Massage therapy provides elderlies with a very nurturing feeling and it is especially helpful for adults with medical or physical problems. The more times they experience your touch, the calmer they will become. The calmer they are, the better they are able to deal with the medical interventions that they have to go through at their old age!

Massage therapy and touch therapy have a lot in common because they have a lot to do with motion of the hands over various parts of the body. The technique involves a lot of touching, stroking, and massaging of body parts. Massage therapy might even be a little bit on the painful side – but for elderlies, this is not the case.

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Some nursing professionals offer massage therapy services to elderlies they deliver. Professional nurses who offer these services will provide the technique to critically or seriously ill elderlies. These nurses work closely with the elderly’s doctor and other nurses to ensure that the persons health is in no way endangered at all.

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Elderlies who are not medically challenged will also benefit from massage therapy. It has been shown that elderlies who are given massage therapy from an early age tend to age more alert, smarter, and healthier in general. Make sure you treat your parents right by giving them a free massage gift!

Foot Massage Guideline

Foot massage or foot reflexology has a Chinese origin. It dates back to more than 3,000 years ago and is used in the prevention and cure of many health ailments.

Some in fact say, foot massage dates back to ancient Eygyptian times due to archaeological findings in cave drawings in Egypt.

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The principle of foot massage rests in the premise that the meridian network connects all tissues, organs and cells in our body. Each organ in the body is connected to a specific reflex point on the foot through the intermediary of 300 nerves. A trained foot reflexologist can put pressure on different meridians or energy lines on the sole and side of the feet to determine the cause of illness.

By using pressure to these the reflex points, the foot massage is good for stimulating the activity internal organs, and to improve blood and lymph circulation. Thus, the top to bottom well being of a person can be made through the foot.

The principles of foot massage is not in congruence with western allopathic medicine. Western medicine merely sees the foot as a body part comprising of bones, ligaments and joints.

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However, foot massage is fast gaining much popularity and acceptance as an alternative health treatment. Fans of foot massage believe it can cure not only colds and minor ailments, but more serious ailments as well. These ailments include liver dysfunction, constipation problems, chronic headaches, skin allergies, etc.

Like most Oriental medical techniques, foot reflexology is a “holistic” treatment. It concentrates on treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of one particular ailment.

While Western medicine promises speedy recovery of all unpleasant symptoms, foot massage therapy can be slow and gradual. A series of visits is necessary to strengthen the body and to bring the body back to balance.

A session of foot reflexology in San Francisco, can set you back as much as US$40-100. Thus, foot massages over a period of time, can add up in terms of costs.

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However, for practitioners and believers of foot massage, the cost for good health is well worth it. The alternative would have been money spent in clinics and western hospitals for prescription drugs and perhaps, invasive surgery.

Handheld Massager – A Friend In Need

Handheld massager is sophisticated massage equipment, which you can operate yourself to relieve the pains from various high stress zones of your body. Usually a handheld massager comes with a number of peripheral attachments in order to facilitate different kinds of massaging in different parts of the body.

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Peripheral attachments of a handheld massager

The different pressure points of your body need different treatment. Massaging your face is quite different from massaging your lower back. The peripherals of your handheld massager are specially designed to fulfill these requirements.

Here are the usual attachments that you are likely to find in your hand held massager:

• Attachment for face – usually a rounded piece of sponge fitted to the attachment, which should be moved in a circular motion on the face avoiding the eyes.
• Attachment for scalp – this has strong bristles like a hairbrush, which increases the blood circulation in the scalp.
• Attachment for muscles – this is a circular attachment, shaped like grooves and rings, used for massaging shoulders, legs and hips.
• Attachment for full body massaging – this has a round shape too which is used to massage specially the legs and the lower parts of the body.

Steps of using hand held massager

The switch needed to regulate a handheld massager is usually located on the handle. Before you begin massaging choose whether you prefer infrared massage or massage using the attachments.

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Following are the steps for using your handheld massager:

• Choose the mode of massaging. If infrared, do not fix any attachment to your handheld massager.
• Connect your handheld massager to power.
• Switch on the massager.
• Massage gently on the part that feels stressed and fatigued.

Benefits of using a handheld massager

Your handheld massager can bring instant relief from nagging pain that has bothered you all day. It will increase your blood circulation and induce a tranquilizing effect in your body.

Some of the benefits of your handheld massager are:

• It helps your tired muscles to relax and regularizes your blood circulation.
• The infrared massage treats large sections of your body and helps in pinpoint relief.
• It has a smoothing effect on your skin.
• It also massages hard to reach area of your body effectively.
• It is instrumental and dissolves your subcutaneous fat.

Safety tips for using handheld massager

Your handheld massager relieves you from pain and stress but while using it some dos and don’ts need to be remembered in order to ensure safety.

Here are some of the essential tips:
• Don’t take your handheld massager anywhere near water. If it falls accidentally, unplug it before picking it up.
• Remember to unplug your massager after you finish using it.
• Unplug the massager while removing or fitting new attachments.
• Do not take your massager inside the blanket or outdoors.
• Do not use the massager if any part of it is damaged.
• The massager should not be used for long stretches of time.

Your hand held massager is a friend in need, make sure you handle it with care and reap maximum relief from it.

How To Choose A Good Massage Therapy School

Perhaps because of its increasing popularity, states have taken notice of massage therapy clinics and created laws to regulate its practice in the country. Although this is largely advantageous to the millions of Americans who have been availing of their services in the country, it has frustrated a lot of massage therapists in the country. After working in the industry for so many years, suddenly they need to get a training certificate that tells that they can perform the work that they have been doing for a lot of years.

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Still, state laws are state laws and one cannot do anything about it unless of course they want to go to another state and see if the laws are different there. But most people would like to stay in their states and continue the services that they have already established in the country. In fact, most are going to massage therapy training schools in order to obtain their certificates. After all, schooling will be a breeze considering that they already know what they will be training for. They just need the paper.

One problem though that face these people is how to find the right training school that will fit their schedule and their budget. Here are some tips to help them.

1. Location

One way to save money and time is to find schools that are near your home or your place of work depending of course in your schedule. For instance, if you are going to school after work it is logical to look for schools that are near the massage therapy clinics you are working for.

2. Tuition fee

Another big consideration for people is the tuition fee. This is especially true with people who don’t have enough money to send themselves to school. As much as you can, look for programs that have flexible payment terms and If possible, a school that offers a scholarship programs. You can offer to teach part time or to work in the school in exchange for a discount. Some people have more time than money in their hands so this can work.

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3. Certification

Remember that not all schools are recognized by the governing bodies that issue the certification and the license. It is important that before you enroll, make sure that the school you have chosen are certified by the state regulatory board. Otherwise, all your time and money will go to waste. Actually, as an advice: ask for a list of the schools that they are recognizing before you look for a massage therapy school. That way, you can be sure that whichever you choose is already legitimate. No time is wasted looking for schools that is not accepted in the first place.

4. Specialization

Like ordinary schools, there are massage therapy training schools that have more expertise in a particular field. If you want to focus on a particular field then it is logical for you to choose the school that is known for that field. This way, you will be able to benefit from better education as most of the instructors there will probably be specializing in that field of specialization.

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This is especially true if the field that you want to get into is the more technical one that may require more difficult training and study.

Aromatherapy Massage Training – An Exciting Career Opportunity

Aromatherapy massage training is an exciting career opportunity for those who enjoy relieving others from pain and depression. It is the expertise of the sensitive and efficient aromatherapy professionals that makes this experience pleasurable and therapeutic. Professional aromatherapy massage training programs for the would-be masseurs are hosted by many institutes of repute where the nitty-gritty of this age old art is taught.

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Advantages of aromatherapy massage training courses

The art of massaging heals the problems of human body and mind. Therefore a masseur needs to feel and understand the nature of problem of the clients. Moreover, a certain deftness of hands and respect for the art is also required to make the massage rewarding and beneficial.

Here are some points that tell you what you learn from the aromatherapy massage training course:

• You can learn about the history, theory and the uses of the essential massage oils.
• The practical techniques of massaging are taught, specially the stroking movements, kneading movements, circular movements and head massage.
• The different kinds of massages – sedative, stimulating and sensual are also taught to you during the course of this training.

Various kinds of aromatherapy massage training

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You can receive your aromatherapy massage training from complementary health care institutes or through distance learning courses.

Basically, there are three kinds of courses that can train you to become a full fledged massage professional:

• Diploma Course/Certificate course – a well-developed education and validation program where professional examiners assess the students to ensure professional standards.
• Correspondence course – usually designed for practicing professionals in complementary healthcare for additional knowledge.
• Online courses – this course gives you an in depth knowledge about the properties and uses of essential oils. There are modules concentrating on anatomy, physiology and pathology as well.

Careers after aromatherapy massage training

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Aromatherapy is a growing industry of complementary medicine around the globe and need for expert masseurs, counselors, oil store managers is tremendous. But before practicing you should always remember not to introduce yourself as a doctor. Your career choice will principally depend on your aptitude and skill. Some, who are already practicing health care, can take the aromatherapy massage training as an additional component.

Here are some of the career options open for you after you have undergone aromatherapy massage training:

• Professional aromatherapy masseur
• Aromatherapy counselor
• Manager of an essential oil store
• Manager of Holistic Health Clinic
• Aromatherapy trainer

If you are sensitive and skillful with your fingers and possess an urge to heal people then this just the thing for you to take up. Apart from being a professional you can always enjoy a better personal health and take good care of your loved ones after you become an expert in aromatherapy massage training.

How To Give A Soothing Massage

Massage relieves stress and tension as well as give the person renewed energy. If you want to do this, you have to know how to do it.

1. The first thing you have to do is create the right atmosphere or ambiance. This means finding a cozy, quiet and warm room. You can even use aromatherapy oil or light a scented candle to make the place smell good. It is best to close the curtains so nobody will see that you are giving a massage.

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2. You then prepare the massage oil. The best one to use is Jojoba oil but since this is too expensive, you can try almond oil or lavender instead.

3. The best place to give a massage if you don’t have the massaging bed is on the floor. So it is not too hard to lie on, you should spread linen and then cover it over with a blanket.

4. When the room is ready, you tell the person to take off their clothes and lie in between the blanket. If the person is shy, it is okay and let them just lie down in their underwear. Make sure to cover them up to keep them warm.

5. The proper way of giving a massage is by working from right to left. So, you should sit on the right side of your partner on the thigh or between the legs.

6. You then use your flat hands to smoothly slide from the foot to the bottom on top of the back of the right leg and slide again down. Knead the right leg from the bottom to the top in 3 parts by working inwards then outward and then start over. When you are done, the same thing will be done to the opposite leg.

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7. Once you are done with the legs, it is time to work on the back by placing yourself at the head facing the legs. Again, you use your flat hands to smoothly slide from head to the bottom with each hand close to the spine. Slide over the edge of the bottom to the side and then slide on the sides upwards just underneath the scapulas, you slide back and move the rest back up to the beginning of the shoulders. This should be done 3 times.

8. You then move over to one side and then use your left hand to do a full circle on their back. With your right hand, you do a half circle beginning away from your left going clockwise. This should be done very slowly, smoothly and sensitively starting at the bottom and then moving all the way up to the shoulders and the back again.

9. Now that you have finished working on the back, it is time to work on the front by letting the person lie down on their back. But before you do that, the steps taken to massage the legs should also be done on the left and right arms.

10. Next, you rub your hands and then place these slowly over your partner’s eyes. This must be placed inches away from the face for about 1 to 2 minutes before you slide your thumbs from the part between the eyebrows to the point where the hair starts.

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11. You place the thumbs a bit higher then move it apart. This should be repeated until you reach the beginning of the ear then you move on to the nose, cheeks, upper and lower lip.

The secret of how to give a soothing massage should come from your hands and not your eyes. If the person wants less or more pressure, be ready to respond so they get the best out of what you are giving them.

Colon Massage Instead Of Colon Cleanse?

Consumers who look into colon cleanses are quite frequently turned off by the cost. After all, spending between $49.99 and 129.99 for a bottle of supplements that are simply designed to have you do number two is not something many a hard worker is willing to pay for. Add to this the fact that the prevailing thought process of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” still applies to health and overall wellness, and you can quickly ascertain why colon health is so often neglected. As a matter of fact, many a consumer does not even think about the colon until there is a severe health problem associated with the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, the presence of such symptoms also signal that the window of opportunity for the administration of colon cleanses has in fact closed.

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For those who are wondering about the effectiveness of a colon cleanse or who simply do not want to spend the kind of money it takes to purchase the supplements, there is an alternative that is not often discussed: colon massage. While it sounds gross, you will be gratified to read that it actually does not involve any contact with the nether regions of your body. Instead, you can simply massage your abdomen. The steps themselves are quite simple:
1. Lie down on the floor or couch and use some massage oil or baby oil and lubricate your abdomen.
2. Begin on the right side – the same side where your appendix is to be found – and then gently move the tip of your fingers in clockwise, circular motions. You want to move up toward the bottom of your ribcage.
3. When you reach the ribcage, gently continue massaging your abdomen while moving your hands to the left side. Now move the hands down, all the while massaging.
4. After completing one cycle and if there was no pain associated with the procedure, you may repeat it and apply more pressure this time around.

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The thought process behind the colon massage instead of colon cleanse rests in the notion that the position the average consumer takes when evacuating fecal matter from the bowels is not conducive to actually achieving a complete elimination and instead only permits for a partial voiding of only the most pressing matter. The rest remains in the intestines until the next urge is felt yet once again only partial voiding takes place. Thus, a colon massage is said to create the urge to eliminate the remaining fecal matter even if there is no other matter pressing from the inside to eliminate the substance.

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By and large it is questionable if this approach can truly supplant the use of colon cleansers, but in conjunction with a healthy diet and a regular colon cleansing regimen, a colon massage does appear to be a valuable tool in the quest for colon and gastrointestinal health. On a side note, remember to always move from the right to the left side, since a reversal could actually be causing fecal matter to be pushed in the wrong direction.

Aromatherapy Massage Equipment – Change The Way You Feel

A range of modern aromatherapy massage equipment can simply change the way you feel during the aromatherapy massages. If aromatherapy spas are equipped with modern aromatherapy massage equipment, then you will definitely have a promising time over there. The massage with equipment can heal every type of disorder – ranging from cough, nausea, digestive disorders to severe muscle pains.

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So if you want a complete cure of mental and physical disorders then undergo massage with the modern aromatherapy massage equipment.

Different varieties of aromatherapy massage equipment

Each of the spas and healing centers has their own aromatherapy massage equipment that makes massage a pleasurable experience for you.

Following are some of the different types of aromatherapy massage equipments:
– Massage chairs: aromatherapy massage chairs are intended for light-duty home massage, deep tissue massage and intensive physical therapy. The massage chairs are available in shops specializing in aromatherapy massage equipment products. The chairs are beneficial because they let you receive a thorough massage that reduces stress and tension, increases blood circulation, and provides pain relief and muscle tissue repair.
– Massage tables: the massage tables are an integral part of aromatherapy massage. The tables offer you to lie down in a relaxed position and receive massage. Massaging the body in this posture reduces stress, tensions, and nervous disorders and relieves pain in whole body and eases all mental ailments.
– Massager: this is special aromatherapy massage equipment that uses silicon gel pad and stimulates circulatory system, eliminates fatigue and offers symptomatic intractable pain in any part of the body.
– Demabrasion equipment: this aromatherapy massage equipment is specially used for skin care and helps your skin to remain fresh and healthy at all times.
– Electrical styling hair equipment: this helps in head massage and provides not only soft hairs but also shining and healthy hair. The massage relieves you of all scalp related problems and facial problems.

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Other aromatherapy massage equipments

Apart from these equipments there are arrays of other items, which fall under aromatherapy massage equipment and makes massage comfortable and unique for all. These include hydrating body lotions that make your skin soft before massage and heated stone spa therapy system that are placed on the body to melt away stress and provide absolute relaxation to the body. The galvanic machine helps to pull impurities from the skin and the double wax warmer provides steam to your whole body that makes you feel warm and soothing.

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Undergo a thorough massage through aromatherapy massage equipment to experience the best and soothing massage therapy.

Ice Massage For Relieving Back Pain

Back is supposedly that part of human body over which the whole structure balances. As being the support structure of the human body, it is exposed to maximum stress and tension. As a result back pains are very common with most individuals. As being such a common problem many remedies are available to curb the painful problem. Ice massage is one the most highly used therapy for curing back pain.

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Ice massage therapy

Ice massage therapy is one the most highly suggested and accepted method for quick and easy relief from back pain. Most often back pains are consequent of muscle strains arising due to sudden movements, an awkward fall or due to lifting a heavy object or while playing. Such strains at time can get very nasty giving unbearable pains. In fact strains at times also require surgery. However ice massage therapy can not only relieve you from the pain, but even prevents situation from tuning worst. In today’s sophisticated world if something is simple it is ice massage therapy to cure back pain.

How ice massage provides pain relief

1. Most back pains are accompanied by some type of inflammation or swelling which can be effectively slowed down with application of the ice.
2. Further ice therapy numbs sore tissues, thus reducing pain instantly.
3. Ice therapy effectively reduces pain by slowing the nerve impulses in the area, which interrupts the pain-spasm reaction between the nerves.
4. Ice massage decreases tissue damages thus preventing pain from getting worst
5. For best results give ice massage as soon as the injury occurs. Applying ice makes he veins in the tissue contract, reducing circulation. As soon as the cold is removed, the veins overcompensate and blood rushes into the area bringing along essential nutrients to allow the injured back muscles, ligaments and tendons to heal.

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As all methods have some don’ts even in case of ice therapy never apply ice directly to the skin. Make sure that you take some kind of protective barrier such as a towel between the ice and skin. Don’t apply ice for more than fifteen to twenty minutes. Remember never use ice therapy for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis, cold allergic conditions, and paralysis.

Facial Massage – Feel Fresh And Enjoy Healthy Facial Skin

Does your face look pale after the entire day or the face skin feel creased out in the morning when you wake up? Do not worry. Here is a wonderful solution for you. Go for a facial massage and watch the change your skin undergoes within 7 days. The facial massage coupled with back and shoulder massage gives you the most unique sensation.

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Importance of facial massage

A facial massage is important for all because a certain amount of waste builds up on your face almost everyday. The face acquires puffiness during daytime due to poor nutrition, pollution exposure and lack of exercise. During the nighttime, the slowing down of blood circulation gives pallor less look to your face. So you can go for a facial massage either in the spas or in your own home. In either way, the facial massage will give you a fresh, healthy and glowing luster to your face.

Facial massage for different skin types

Blend the facial massage oils uniquely to heal all problems on the face skin types. Whether you want a fresh look or wrinkle free skin, massage the oils properly on the face to stimulate the flow of blood. The massage relieves all tensions that you have acquired during the whole day and imparts a healthy look to your face. Following are some of the facial massage oils that you can use for various skin types:
– Dry skin – Avocado, apricot or macadamia oil
– Oily skin – Peach kernel, hazelnut and hypercium oil
– Normal skin – Almond, sesame, olive oil and sunflower oil

When you do facial massage, make sure that you massage in a circular motion on your temples. This will reduce all the tensions, relax your face muscles and relieve you from stress.

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Steps followed in facial massage

The invigorating treatment involved in facial massage helps your skin to feel rejuvenated. So go to a spa or undertake self-massage to get the best skin. As you experience the facial massage, dim the lights in the room and relax your mind with some soft gentle music so that you have a great massage. Following are the steps of facial massage:
– Pour the required amount of massage oil and gently apply it on the face.
– Put thumb on forehead and fingertips on temple and massage from eyebrows to hairline.
– Massage temple making circular motions.
– Press softly on eye sockets and massage beginning from bridge of nose to corner of eyes.
– Using the fingertips, massage on the upper lip and move towards the temple in circular or linear motion
– Massage the ears from ear lobe to top of the ears.

Massage the sides and back of the neck but not on the front portion of the neck for it is the most vulnerable part of the body.

Undergo facial massage to experience the best of all feelings.

Fundamental Of Massage Therapy

Massage is another remedial procedure that occupies an important place in Naturopathy. Actually massage has had a very long history, dating back to ancient times. Massage has been used therapeutically for thousands of years in India, China, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.

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Massage has a very salubrious effect on the organs and systems of the body as detailed below:

(1) Skin: The beneficial effects of massage on the skin are unequalled. The pores of the skin are opened up, thus helping of the elimination of poisons from the body through perspiration.
(2) Muscles: Massage reduces the tension in the muscles and relieves muscular pain. Strenuous exertion results in the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Massage helps to rid the muscles of this acid and thus imparts a feeling of freshness and vigour.
(3) Circulation of the blood: The circulation of the blood in the part being massaged is speeded up, so that the part is supplied with more nutrients, and its healing powers are augmented. The accelerated circulation reduces swelling. There is an increase in the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen and to utilize it effectively.
(4) Nerves: Slow and gentle massage with light pressure relieves tension of the nerves and soothes them. Vigorous massage stimulates lax nerves and increases their efficiency.
(5) The digestive system: Massaging the abdomen
stimulates the digestive system, and promotes better elimination of wastes. The resistive powers of the body are strengthened due to the increase in the efficiency of the liver.
(6) The urinary system: Massaging activates the urinary system. As a result the process of elimination of toxic substances from the body through the urine is accelerated by the formation of greater quantities of urine.
(7) The heart: Systematic massage will reduce the burden on the heart, and thus increase its efficiency.

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Normally dry palms are used for massage; but if the skin is too dry or if the body is excessively weak, wet cloth or soothing oil may be used. Among oils, sesame (til) oil is the best for this purpose. Some people use talcum powder for reducing friction while massaging, but this practice is not desirable, as the pores of the skin get clogged up.

Method: The process should begin with massage of the arms and legs. Next the chest, abdomen, back and buttocks should be massaged, in that order, finishing with the face and the head. Cloth should be used for massaging the back. As far as possible, we should massage ourselves with our own hands so as to combine the benefits of massages with those of exercise also to a certain extent. Those who are too weak to do so may take the help of others.

A massage should preferably be followed by a bath with lukewarm water.

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If suffering from high blood pressure, the direction of massaging movements should be reversed, i.e. from head to foot.

Note: Massages are contra-indicated in the following conditions:
(1) In fevers, no massage of any type is recommended.
(2) Pregnant ladies should avoid massaging the abdomen.
(3) Abdominal massages should be avoided in cases of diarrhoea, gastric or
duodenal ulcers, appendicitis or tumours in the abdomen.
(4) Massages are generally unadvisable in cases of skin diseases.

Relax Your Body And Ensure Mental Wellbeing By Aromatherapy Massage Techniques

Aromatherapy massage techniques involve using the hands to perform some soothing movements on the skin to promote absolute relaxation and mental well-being. The main aromatherapy massage techniques applied on the body include movements like stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing on the body.

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Blends of oils used in aromatherapy massage techniques

Since a long time, the aromatherapy massage techniques have been used to soothe the mind and body of all. The aromatherapy massage techniques use essential oil and cream blends, which are extracted from aromas of flowers, stalks, leaves and roots. Aromatherapy massage techniques work wonders on the people suffering both physically and psychologically.

Different types of aromatherapy massage techniques

The importance of aromatherapy solely lies on the aromas like jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, sandalwood etc. When the person smells the aroma, it reaches the limbic part of the brain and controls all emotions and stresses that impart a healing sensation to the mind and body.

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Following are the different types of aromatherapy massage techniques used by the healing practitioners to soothe the mind and relax the body:
– Swedish Massage – this massage technique includes kneading, friction, tapping and shaking motions, which affects the nerves, muscles, and blood circulations and promotes health and well-being.
– Pregnancy Massage – it includes long gliding strokes, friction, tapping and kneading motions to prevent discomforts in the feet, back and legs.
– Sports Massage – this includes long stroked techniques blended with compression, cross-fiber friction and pressure point therapy. It reduces the risk of injury and muscle pains in an athlete.
– Orthopedic Massage – this massage combines the techniques of stretching; neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release to heal the body from pain free joints and provide complete structural balance.
– Thai Yoga Massage – this massage technique includes the dynamic blending of yoga stretches, acupressure and combination of various massages like Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage and neuromuscular massage.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage techniques

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A close research shows that aromatherapy massage techniques can create miracles on the body of an affected person. Where medicine fails, the aromatherapy massage techniques flourish to ail every disease of mind and body.

Following are the beneficial effects of aromatherapy massage techniques:
– Help to prevent anxieties, stresses, bronchitis, insomnia and headaches
– Relieve chronic problems like asthma, eczema and digestive problems
– Prevent acne, fungal infections, broken and infectious skins, and high/low blood pressure and epilepsy

Undergo the aromatherapy massage techniques to get the best results and a soothing relief from the conventional medical treatments.

How To Give A Fantastic Full Body Massage

Here’s some tips on how to give a great, full body massage.

Turn off the computer, take the phone off the hook and dim the lights. Spark up some scented candles and turn on a little soft music. Grab a couple of sheets or soft towels – one for your work space and one to cover your ‘client’. This is important because as skin is massaged, it causes blood flow into that area and that blow flow in turn, warms the skin. So in order to avoid a chill, cover up the areas that you’re finished massaging. Also, because working on muscles causes all sorts of chemicals to be released into the body, many people feel thirsty after a massage so have some water on hand.

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* Make sure to only massage muscle – no stretching of the skin or digging into bone and organs. Remember that massages are for muscles below the skin – not for the skin itself.

* Massage the large muscle groups of the body which are basically the neck, back, shoulders and legs. This way, aside from massaging correctly, you’re getting at the areas that store tension in the body.

* Use firm, even pressure, not too hard or forceful. Pressure that is too light or inconsistent, can be as uncomfortable as too much pressure so be sure to use an even degree.

* Always use a lubricant because they help to prepare and protect the skin.

1. Begin the full body massage at the shoulders by kneading the muscles and gently pulling them towards you.

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2. Work across the shoulders to the neck using your thumbs and the tips of your fingers to work from the muscles, across and down the upper back. Watch your nails!

3. Work down each arm separately finding the muscle groups in the front and back and kneading them gently. When you get to the hands, use your thumbs to work the palms. Don’t forget the other arm!

4. Return to the upper back and work downwards to the middle of the back using your thumbs and fingertips to work from the center out and pushing upward.

5. Continue working down the back to the hips.

6. Massage the muscles of the upper thighs and down the back of the legs to the calves spending time kneading each one separately with both hands.

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7. Move to the foot, start with the heel and hold it firmly while pushing up toward the leg, then down and side-to-side. Work your thumbs on the under side of the foot with deep, slow pressure and also the balls of the feet and in between the toes.

If you’re subject’s asleep – you did a great job!

Aromatherapy Massage – Calm Your Body And Mind After Hard Work

Do you get tired and lethargic after a monotonous day of hard work? Are you suffering from some severe body or muscle pain? Then you can visit the spas and healing centers to undergo an aromatherapy massage treatment to feel relaxed in mind and reduce pain in your body. Aromatherapy massage is the therapeutic way of massaging the essential aromatic oils on your body to provide soothing sensation of mind and body.

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Ways to provide Aromatherapy massage

It is interesting to know that aromatherapy massage is usually done with the fingertips. The fingers are moved in a way that makes you feel highly relaxed and comfortable. The healing practitioners of the spas conduct such skilful massage that it relaxes you and puts you to an ecstatic sleep. You can simply revel in the wonders of the healing touch that fills your mind and body after the whole tired day.

Types of aromatherapy massage

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The aromatherapy massage is usually held in the spas to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, the different type of aromatherapy massage provides you with an array of choices to decide which aromatherapy massage is best for you.

Following are the types of aromatherapy massage available in the spas:
– Inhalation Method – direct breathing in the aromatic vapors soothes your brain.
– Bath Method – mingle the aroma recipes in your warm bathing water to provide comfort to your mind and body.
– Creams or Lotions – treat the body with aromatic recipes of creams and lotions to provide cooling sensation to both mind and body.

The aromatherapy massage performed in a slow and gentle movement usually lasts for an hour or more, depending upon your requirements.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage

Combining the aromatherapy massage with the essential oils provides synergistic effects of peace and cure to the person undergoing the massage. The aroma therapists first realize the problem of the person and then provide the special aromatherapy massage to provide maximum benefits to the person.

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The aromatherapy massage is beneficial in the following ways:
– Aromatherapy massage controls the full nervous system, calms the “fight” and “flight” responses, thereby reducing the level of harmful stress hormones in your body.
– The massage increases blood circulation, supplying maximum amount of nutrients and oxygen to the blood cells.
– The massage completely reduces stresses like hypertension, digestive problems, migraines and diseases like cold/flu.
– Aromatherapy massage use a special therapy called effleurage, which helps in increase of lymphatic flow which improves tissue problems, and enhances the functions of immune system.
– Aromatherapy massage greatly reduces acute muscular pains, and provides absolute fitness to the mind and body.

Aromatherapy massage techniques are used worldwide and have been known to provide soothing sensations and relaxations to mind, body and spirit of all.

Aromatherapy And Thai Yoga Massage

Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage therapy aims at aligning the body and mind in order to achieve a general well being of your body and soul. Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage tranquilizes your nerves and releases the muscular tensions through massage of essential oils made from natural extracts and assuming particular postures called “asanas”.

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Benefits of Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage

Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage is a complementary healing therapy, which helps you to get rid of your everyday fatigue and sagging spirits. It gives you a break from your home and office work and transports you to a plane of peace and relaxation.

Here are some of the ways by which you can benefit from Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage:

• It improves the energy flow in your body helping you revitalize yourself.
• The manipulation of your deep tissues promotes concentration and helps you to delve in your consciousness.
• It relieves you from chronic stress and slow circulation.
• Synchronized breathing during the “asanas” helps in emotional release.

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Courses on Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage

Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage are taught in many institutes, as more and more interested students want to learn the art of healing.

Here are some of the things that constitute the course on Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage:

• The students learn about the history, theory and origin of Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage and Indian ayurveda.
• The practical techniques of massaging are taught specially the stroking movements, kneading movements, circular movements, breathing techniques and meditation.
• The different kinds of massage sedative, and stimulating are given along with meditation.

Careers after aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage

Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage is a growing industry of complementary medicine around the globe and need for expertise in this field knows no bounds. But before you start your practice you should never introduce yourself as a doctor. Those who are already practicing health care can take the aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage training as an additional skill.

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Here are some of the career options open for you after you have undergone this training:

• Professional aromatherapy and Thai yoga masseur
• Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage counselor
• Manager of Holistic Health Clinic
• Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage trainer

Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage is an excellent way of revitalizing the tired body. The meditation takes deep into yourself soothing your disturbed spirit. Whether you are a client or a professional, Aromatherapy and Thai yoga massage will surely direct you towards a new life and a career.

How To Become A Massage Therapist

If you love to work with your hands, perhaps you should be in a profession that does exactly that such as massage therapy. In fact, the US Department of Labor has shown in their latest report that there is demand for such professionals until the year 2012. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should know how to become a massage therapist.

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Those who want to become massage therapists should enroll in a program that is accredited by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or NCBTMB. To become a licensed professional, you must complete at least 500 hours of training including subjects such as ethics, anatomy and physiology among others.

If you happen to study massage therapy in a school that is not accredited by this body, you will not be allowed to take the national certification exam. This may prevent you from practicing in states that require this prior to employment which is why you should check first if the school you plan to enroll in is in the program.

Should you somehow be able to find work without getting a license, you could be penalized with fines and even be banned from every practicing there.

The advantage of enrolling in a program under the NCBTMB is that you can apply for federal financial aid if you don’t have the funds to pay for your schooling.

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But the big question is how much do massage therapists earn? One research group has pointed out the median salary is $45,611. The report also says that half of those working earn between $36,930 and $55,920 as this varies with experience. If you are new, you will probably just have one or two clients a day while more experienced individuals will have more than 5. This isn’t bad because massage therapy program can go as high as $12,000.

If you are serious about pursuing this as a career, ask yourself some questions. Are you patient? Are you customer oriented? Do you really want to help the patient? If your answer to all three questions is yes then the next thing you have to do is check what specific interests do you have.

Just like medicine, massage therapy has various specialties and these include sports massage, clinical massage and Swedish massage to name a few. While you will probably learn all of these in school, you should already see which one you want specialize in after graduation.

To help you out, it will be a good idea to visit massage parlors and talk to those who are already working. You can also do some research online as there are articles that have been written about the profession.

Once you get your degree and the license, you have the option of working for someone or opening up your own establishment. This will be easy if you had the capital since you will need to buy your own massage table, chairs, pillows, sheets and lotions. But if you want to learn first, then go find work, learn the tricks of the trade and then set up shop.

Now that you know how to become a massage therapist, the ball is already in your court. The right attitude will get you through school because with that you will be able to understand the techniques in helping a customer.

Deep Tissue Massage For Sports Injuries

Massage therapy as a means by which to treat sports injuries is often viewed as an alternative therapy option, but for one reason or another deep tissue massage does not have the same image. It may be that deep tissue massage is not necessarily as relaxing as a traditional massage, but athletes and sports participants often turn to deep tissue massage as a way to recover from a sports injury to muscles. If you have never experienced a true deep tissue massage – but have experienced traditional massages that are designed for relaxation – you should be forewarned that deep tissue massage is unlike a relaxing massage in the sense that the massage therapist’s goal is to work out the kinks within your muscles. This can be a relatively painful process, although it has great benefits if done correctly. When going to get a deep tissue massage you should not expect to fall asleep on the table, lulled into slumber by the pleasant experience. Deep tissue massage can be downright painful.

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It’s important to seek out a licensed massage therapist who is well versed in deep tissue massage for sports injuries. Some massage therapists, particularly those who work in spas marketed toward great relaxation and rejuvenation, may not know the intricacies involved in massaging out a tightened muscle that has become this way as a result of a sports injury. Indeed, some massage therapists may be apprehensive about really digging into someone’s muscles because they aren’t used to delivering this type of massage. You may find yourself urging the massage therapist to really dig in and massage out the muscle, but it is much easier to just find someone who specializes in this type of massage so you can be sure to get the treatment your injury needs.

You’ll be amazed at how much a deep tissue massage may be able to help you recover from your sports injury. While a deep tissue massage isn’t the thing you need for a broken shoulder – it certainly wouldn’t be comfortable in the least, and may wind up further injuring you – if your injury is a result of tensed up muscles then deep tissue massage may be able to release the tension within the area and make your injury feel much better. A series of tensed up muscles is essentially a welcome invitation to further sports injuries, so a proactive stance of deep tissue massage can help heal your injury while also working to stave off additional injuries as a result of muscles that are not as supple as they should be.

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You will feel sore after a good deep tissue massage. This is normal, and the soreness subsides after a day or two. To recover more quickly from a deep tissue massage, drink plenty of water and try some ice packs and over the counter pain reliever. While a deep tissue massage may not be a relaxing experience like a traditional massage, you may find relief from your sports injury more quickly than if you didn’t try getting the treatment.