Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate chair massage is a unique therapy that relieves you from your daily grind at the high-tension zone of your office. A modern day office is a hot house of stress, fatigue and haste, which promotes lack of efficiency and boredom. Corporate chair massage is specially designed to ward off these evils by revitalizing your tired body and sagging spirit.

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Benefits of Corporate chair massage

The corporate chair massage usually takes place on site and provides the client with a short break of about fifteen minutes to relieve the tired muscles of shoulder, neck, back and feet.

Here are some benefits of corporate chair massage for you:

• It hikes up the productivity of the workers especially during the stress hours.
• It triggers a sort of enthusiasm and vitality.
• It increases alertness, accuracy and computation skills.
• It brings a competitive edge in the employees promoting higher production of the corporate house.
• It reduces absenteeism and job turnover.
• The employees do not need to go anywhere but just have to remain seated in their chairs.

The techniques of corporate chair massage

Corporate chair massage cannot accommodate luxurious extended therapies. Instead, the masseur gets a short session in which the stress and fatigue relief tactics need to be employed in order to release the positive energy within.

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Here are the techniques of corporate chair massages that provide instant relief to corporate people:

• Pressure point therapy – applied in heavy tension body zones like shoulders, neck, hand, back and feet.
• Muscle manipulation of the stressed body areas for releasing the fatigue.
• Massaging of scalp and ears for calming down the nerves.

Thus corporate chair massage is a therapy which benefits both the employers and the employees of corporate houses. While the employees enjoy a rejuvenating experience and renewed enthusiasm in their work, the employers are able to get the best out of them. Thus corporate chair massage along with a therapy has made its mark as a staff welfare activity.