Deep Tissue Massage For Sports Injuries

Massage therapy as a means by which to treat sports injuries is often viewed as an alternative therapy option, but for one reason or another deep tissue massage does not have the same image. It may be that deep tissue massage is not necessarily as relaxing as a traditional massage, but athletes and sports participants often turn to deep tissue massage as a way to recover from a sports injury to muscles. If you have never experienced a true deep tissue massage – but have experienced traditional massages that are designed for relaxation – you should be forewarned that deep tissue massage is unlike a relaxing massage in the sense that the massage therapist’s goal is to work out the kinks within your muscles. This can be a relatively painful process, although it has great benefits if done correctly. When going to get a deep tissue massage you should not expect to fall asleep on the table, lulled into slumber by the pleasant experience. Deep tissue massage can be downright painful.

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It’s important to seek out a licensed massage therapist who is well versed in deep tissue massage for sports injuries. Some massage therapists, particularly those who work in spas marketed toward great relaxation and rejuvenation, may not know the intricacies involved in massaging out a tightened muscle that has become this way as a result of a sports injury. Indeed, some massage therapists may be apprehensive about really digging into someone’s muscles because they aren’t used to delivering this type of massage. You may find yourself urging the massage therapist to really dig in and massage out the muscle, but it is much easier to just find someone who specializes in this type of massage so you can be sure to get the treatment your injury needs.

You’ll be amazed at how much a deep tissue massage may be able to help you recover from your sports injury. While a deep tissue massage isn’t the thing you need for a broken shoulder – it certainly wouldn’t be comfortable in the least, and may wind up further injuring you – if your injury is a result of tensed up muscles then deep tissue massage may be able to release the tension within the area and make your injury feel much better. A series of tensed up muscles is essentially a welcome invitation to further sports injuries, so a proactive stance of deep tissue massage can help heal your injury while also working to stave off additional injuries as a result of muscles that are not as supple as they should be.

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You will feel sore after a good deep tissue massage. This is normal, and the soreness subsides after a day or two. To recover more quickly from a deep tissue massage, drink plenty of water and try some ice packs and over the counter pain reliever. While a deep tissue massage may not be a relaxing experience like a traditional massage, you may find relief from your sports injury more quickly than if you didn’t try getting the treatment.