Facial Massage – Feel Fresh And Enjoy Healthy Facial Skin

Does your face look pale after the entire day or the face skin feel creased out in the morning when you wake up? Do not worry. Here is a wonderful solution for you. Go for a facial massage and watch the change your skin undergoes within 7 days. The facial massage coupled with back and shoulder massage gives you the most unique sensation.

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Importance of facial massage

A facial massage is important for all because a certain amount of waste builds up on your face almost everyday. The face acquires puffiness during daytime due to poor nutrition, pollution exposure and lack of exercise. During the nighttime, the slowing down of blood circulation gives pallor less look to your face. So you can go for a facial massage either in the spas or in your own home. In either way, the facial massage will give you a fresh, healthy and glowing luster to your face.

Facial massage for different skin types

Blend the facial massage oils uniquely to heal all problems on the face skin types. Whether you want a fresh look or wrinkle free skin, massage the oils properly on the face to stimulate the flow of blood. The massage relieves all tensions that you have acquired during the whole day and imparts a healthy look to your face. Following are some of the facial massage oils that you can use for various skin types:
– Dry skin – Avocado, apricot or macadamia oil
– Oily skin – Peach kernel, hazelnut and hypercium oil
– Normal skin – Almond, sesame, olive oil and sunflower oil

When you do facial massage, make sure that you massage in a circular motion on your temples. This will reduce all the tensions, relax your face muscles and relieve you from stress.

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Steps followed in facial massage

The invigorating treatment involved in facial massage helps your skin to feel rejuvenated. So go to a spa or undertake self-massage to get the best skin. As you experience the facial massage, dim the lights in the room and relax your mind with some soft gentle music so that you have a great massage. Following are the steps of facial massage:
– Pour the required amount of massage oil and gently apply it on the face.
– Put thumb on forehead and fingertips on temple and massage from eyebrows to hairline.
– Massage temple making circular motions.
– Press softly on eye sockets and massage beginning from bridge of nose to corner of eyes.
– Using the fingertips, massage on the upper lip and move towards the temple in circular or linear motion
– Massage the ears from ear lobe to top of the ears.

Massage the sides and back of the neck but not on the front portion of the neck for it is the most vulnerable part of the body.

Undergo facial massage to experience the best of all feelings.