Handheld Massager – A Friend In Need

Handheld massager is sophisticated massage equipment, which you can operate yourself to relieve the pains from various high stress zones of your body. Usually a handheld massager comes with a number of peripheral attachments in order to facilitate different kinds of massaging in different parts of the body.

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Peripheral attachments of a handheld massager

The different pressure points of your body need different treatment. Massaging your face is quite different from massaging your lower back. The peripherals of your handheld massager are specially designed to fulfill these requirements.

Here are the usual attachments that you are likely to find in your hand held massager:

• Attachment for face – usually a rounded piece of sponge fitted to the attachment, which should be moved in a circular motion on the face avoiding the eyes.
• Attachment for scalp – this has strong bristles like a hairbrush, which increases the blood circulation in the scalp.
• Attachment for muscles – this is a circular attachment, shaped like grooves and rings, used for massaging shoulders, legs and hips.
• Attachment for full body massaging – this has a round shape too which is used to massage specially the legs and the lower parts of the body.

Steps of using hand held massager

The switch needed to regulate a handheld massager is usually located on the handle. Before you begin massaging choose whether you prefer infrared massage or massage using the attachments.

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Following are the steps for using your handheld massager:

• Choose the mode of massaging. If infrared, do not fix any attachment to your handheld massager.
• Connect your handheld massager to power.
• Switch on the massager.
• Massage gently on the part that feels stressed and fatigued.

Benefits of using a handheld massager

Your handheld massager can bring instant relief from nagging pain that has bothered you all day. It will increase your blood circulation and induce a tranquilizing effect in your body.

Some of the benefits of your handheld massager are:

• It helps your tired muscles to relax and regularizes your blood circulation.
• The infrared massage treats large sections of your body and helps in pinpoint relief.
• It has a smoothing effect on your skin.
• It also massages hard to reach area of your body effectively.
• It is instrumental and dissolves your subcutaneous fat.

Safety tips for using handheld massager

Your handheld massager relieves you from pain and stress but while using it some dos and don’ts need to be remembered in order to ensure safety.

Here are some of the essential tips:
• Don’t take your handheld massager anywhere near water. If it falls accidentally, unplug it before picking it up.
• Remember to unplug your massager after you finish using it.
• Unplug the massager while removing or fitting new attachments.
• Do not take your massager inside the blanket or outdoors.
• Do not use the massager if any part of it is damaged.
• The massager should not be used for long stretches of time.

Your hand held massager is a friend in need, make sure you handle it with care and reap maximum relief from it.