Ice Massage For Relieving Back Pain

Back is supposedly that part of human body over which the whole structure balances. As being the support structure of the human body, it is exposed to maximum stress and tension. As a result back pains are very common with most individuals. As being such a common problem many remedies are available to curb the painful problem. Ice massage is one the most highly used therapy for curing back pain.

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Ice massage therapy

Ice massage therapy is one the most highly suggested and accepted method for quick and easy relief from back pain. Most often back pains are consequent of muscle strains arising due to sudden movements, an awkward fall or due to lifting a heavy object or while playing. Such strains at time can get very nasty giving unbearable pains. In fact strains at times also require surgery. However ice massage therapy can not only relieve you from the pain, but even prevents situation from tuning worst. In today’s sophisticated world if something is simple it is ice massage therapy to cure back pain.

How ice massage provides pain relief

1. Most back pains are accompanied by some type of inflammation or swelling which can be effectively slowed down with application of the ice.
2. Further ice therapy numbs sore tissues, thus reducing pain instantly.
3. Ice therapy effectively reduces pain by slowing the nerve impulses in the area, which interrupts the pain-spasm reaction between the nerves.
4. Ice massage decreases tissue damages thus preventing pain from getting worst
5. For best results give ice massage as soon as the injury occurs. Applying ice makes he veins in the tissue contract, reducing circulation. As soon as the cold is removed, the veins overcompensate and blood rushes into the area bringing along essential nutrients to allow the injured back muscles, ligaments and tendons to heal.

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As all methods have some don’ts even in case of ice therapy never apply ice directly to the skin. Make sure that you take some kind of protective barrier such as a towel between the ice and skin. Don’t apply ice for more than fifteen to twenty minutes. Remember never use ice therapy for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis, cold allergic conditions, and paralysis.